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Hot Pot restaurant located in the Chartreuse area, we offer customers the original flavor from Chongqing. Hot pot is a typical recipe of Chinese cuisine, also called Fondue Chinese or huoguo (火锅). A metal pot with boiling broth is placed in the center of the table, in which to cook various foods, always kept hot by a small stove below. The container can be divided into two or more parts to separate different broths, more or less spicy, and is accompanied by a series of dishes with various raw ingredients: meat, fish, vegetables, noodles and different types of condiments. Each diner takes what they want and dips it in the hot broth long enough to cook the ingredient. The last step involves dipping the freshly cooked food in one of the sauces.


Us Soup Base

We offer vast choices of basic stock in different types of pots.



Do you have different tastes and want to try everything? Don't worry we have a wide choice of toppings that you can try, make the mix to your taste.

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